Faye Donnellan.


Toby Clarke.

"I was lucky enough to teach and direct Faye at NYT and I can't recommend her enough. There is something truly unique about her as an actor and its exactly her kind of energy, accent and talent that I'd like to see loads more of on our stages and screens. And preferably soon."

Francis Tucker.

"Faye is a brilliant dynamic young actor. I had the pleasure of mentoring & directing her at the Royal Court and she was absolutely brilliant in the both the rehearsal and creative process. A team player and one to watch in the future."

Adrianna Bertola. 

"I’ve known Faye numerous years now on a personal and professional basis both in which she demonstrates a level of integrity and compassion for all those around her.

As a director, Faye tackles issues and approaches tasks with a composed and confident manner and has excellent time keeping skills. She has an astounding amount of integrity which in turn provides a level of professionalism to her work which is extremely rare for her age.

I would highly recommend Faye for any upcoming projects you may have as she has the skill set to accommodate to any situation and works incredible well in groups and as a stand alone artist."